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Down here are people that I like and respect. If you mess with any of them you mess with me

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Caden figurine thingy!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 25, 2017, 10:33 AM

So while cleaning up my room I found a Littlest Pet Shop, which is a toy btw for those who don't know. I really wanted to do something with it, so I thought i'd try my hand at repainting it to one of my OCs.
I was gonna do one of my characters, Rookie, but I didn't have the right paints for his brown fur color, so I instead made Caden!

Before: Untitled by xXSilverCellistXx

After: Untitled by xXSilverCellistXx

It honestly could've come out better. I tried a method with putting some white paint in a little plastic cup, tying a string around the neck of the pet shop, and plopping it in instead of painting layers and layers, since I tried that method and it came out looking really shitty.

I had to repaint it twice since i'd screw up. I stayed up a little later in order to dab paint on pretty much all of it and left it to dry overnight (even though it didn't take that long). I originally painted the eyes on but it looked SUPER thick, like he was wearing a TON of eyeliner, so yeah.
It was pretty hard but I guess it came out alright. I may tweak it in the future, but for now I wanna just leave it alone so I don't screw it up more. :XD:

Anyway, enjoy then!

About Me

Silver | Older than Father Time | She/Her | Straight

Hello there fellow children. My name's Silver, and I am a young artist striving to perhaps do it for a living. I am also currently learning the cello, and may perhaps do that. Either way, I want to make a good career with the arts, and I guess I shall start here. I am currently working on two comics, Autopilot and Shirokuro. If you have any questions about those then don't hesitate to ask! You can note me or comment on my page! I don't have any other social medias like Instagram or Snapchat, but I am pretty active here (or at least, i'm trying to be more active.) I am normally a nice person, but if anyone tries to fuck with me or my friends, they'll know the suffering of undying wrath. I have my opinions and i'd prefer if you didn't try to get me involved in serious topics like religion and politics, because if you do, I will not reply and you will be blocked and possibly reported if taken too far. If I did something to rustle your jimmies, then that's your problem, not mine. There's a great button called the back button, so click it. :P

I know, poll spam. Anyway, i've been thinking of making a Youtube channel to post speed paints. I technically have one, but it has literally nothing in it. Would you watch me if I post speed paints? 

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A Q&A for you.

How long have you been drawing?

I've been drawing for almost five years. ^w^

What career are you wanting later on?

I'm still trying to decide that. Something that has to do with either music or art.

What instruments do you play?

The cello. :3

What program do you use?

Sketchbook Pro 7.

How much did your program cost?

It cost me about 50.00$.

Can I draw your OC, *insert name here*?

Go ahead! I love fanart! :D

Can we be friends?

Friendship takes time. You don't just ask to be friends and expect friends.

What's you're age?

I am older than time itself

What state do you live in?

Nooootttt gonna say. Safety, y'know? ^^'

Do you have any other social medias?

Not really. I'm planning to get a few social medias like Instagram and perhaps Tumblr to post art. Perhaps I will perhaps I won't.

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